COVID-19 The Love Story

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This Book is honor of all Love, and in loving memory of loved one’s lost in this time. The cover for this book was guided to me by what I consider to be Synchronicity, others call divine providence. To explain, I felt under utilized while being in self-quarantine, a feeling I could be of more service. So I put out a prayer to the universe asking for guidance on how can I be of more help and service to others during COVID-19. The next day I went outside with my five-year-old Yorkshire terrier, whose name is Sky. To my surprise I discovered someone else had played their inspired role in COVID-19 and chalked my walk way with a rainbow for all who pass by to see. When I read the message it inspired the writing of this book as a rainbow in someone else’s Sky. And as you can see, Sky wanted to be part of this inspired action too, and has agreed to appear on the cover in the hope seeing Sky is a rainbow in your sky.



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